Reducing Back Pain with a Chiropractic Alignment

Back pain is a prevalent issue affecting many individuals in America. Various factors contribute to its occurrence, including falls, improper lifting techniques, obesity, smoking, stress, auto accidents, poor posture, sleeping positions, improper ergonomics, chronic inflammation, and more.

At Lynch Chiropractic and Chronic Pain Solutions, we believe in taking a holistic approach to addressing and managing back pain. We start by assessing the individual’s lifestyle and overall health. Using this information, our team develops a custom treatment plan that takes into account the individual’s unique medical history and situation. Our goal is to provide an effective solution for health.

Effective Solutions for Back Pain

While injections, back braces, surgery, and fusions can provide relief from back pain, they often involve invasive procedures. At Lynch Chiropractic and Chronic Pain Solutions, we offer a safe and proven non-invasive alternative that focuses on addressing the root cause of back pain.

Understanding Chiropractic Alignment

Chiropractic treatment revolves around the concept that the nervous system controls the functioning of all organs and cells in the body. With the skull protecting the brain, the spinal cord is safeguarded by 24 movable vertebrae. When these vertebrae cease to move properly or lose their correct position relative to the adjacent bones, a subluxation, or a pinched nerve, occurs. This condition often manifests as back pain.

Effective Alignment Techniques at Lynch Chiropractic

Dr. Lynch, our experienced chiropractor at Lynch Chiropractic, utilizes a hand-held adjusting instrument to realign the vertebrae and spinal discs, effectively relieving back pain. By applying the right amount of force in the appropriate direction, he restores the spine and discs to their proper alignment, alleviating pressure on the affected nerve that exits the spine. This reestablishes clear communication between the brain and the body, facilitating the body’s natural healing processes.

Comprehensive Approach to Pain Management

It’s important to note that only 10% of nerves transmit pain signals to the brain, while the remaining 90% do not. Therefore, experiencing pain or back pain is just one indication of a misaligned spine or spinal disc. Subluxations and pinched nerves can exist even in the absence of pain. Regular spinal alignments should be considered an integral part of your overall health and well-being.

Safe Alignments for All Ages

At Lynch Chiropractic, Dr. Lynch offers gentle and effective spine and disc alignments for individuals of all ages, including babies, children, and adults. Through the use of specialized instruments, he can perform adjustments without resorting to twisting, popping, or cracking the neck or back. This approach allows him to customize the amount of force applied during the alignment process, ensuring optimal results.

By choosing Lynch Chiropractic for your back pain concerns, you can experience holistic care that not only relieves your symptoms but also promotes overall wellness. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take a step towards a pain-free life.

Reducing Back Pain with a Chiropractic Alignment

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