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Knee Pain Treatment in Charlottesville, VA

What Causes Chronic Knee Pain?

Knee pain is usually the result of osteoarthritis, an injury, or a mechanical problem after years of wear and tear. Like any joint in your body, overuse can lead to strain and chronic pain. Many knee problems begin during sports activities or work-related tasks.

Injury-related knee pain often affects your ligaments, tendons, and the fluid around your knee joint. It’s also possible to hurt the bones and cartilage in your knee. If left untreated, you may experience long-term pain.

Some of the most common knee injuries Dr. Lynch checks for include:

  • ACL Injuries: tearing of one of the ligaments that connect the bones in your leg, a common injury for football, basketball, and soccer players
  • Fractures: Breaking of the knee bones, caused by falls or impacts to your knee
  • Torn meniscus: Cartilage (meniscus) around the knee tears from sudden twisting
  • Tendinitis: Tendons surrounding the kneecap become irritated and inflamed; common in runners, skiers, and cyclists
  • Bursitis: Any type of injury that causes inflammation in the bursae (sacs of cushioning fluid) around the knee

Some mechanical problems Dr. Lynch checks for that cause the need for knee pain treatment include:

  • Scar Tissue: The covering on the outside of the muscles is a glycoprotein (sugar protein) called fascia. Over time those glycoproteins break down and stick together or adhere. These adhesions are what create scar tissue which painfully limits range of motion.
  • Slipped, Bulging or Herniated Discs in Your Low Back: Any of those conditions can directly relate to your feeling knee pain.
  • Muscles: If the Popliteus, Adductors, TFL or PSOAS muscle(s) are weak, strained or extremely tight, you can get a lot of cartilage pain.
  • Must check for a problem with the Infrapatellar Tendon as well.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a form of degenerative arthritis that can cause serious knee pain. OA is the most common form of arthritis and typically affects older adults. OA is diagnosed based on X-ray findings of decreased or asymmetrical joint spacing, bone spurring and subchondral sclerosis (breakdown of the bone surface of the joint). Trauma, repetitive stress, muscular imbalance and postural distortions can create this damage over time. Over time, the cartilage that provides cushioning around the knee joint deteriorates. When the cartilage wears down, it is replaced by inflammatory chemicals that promote swelling and further breakdown of the joint causing you to you feel pain, stiffness, and loss of movement in your knee joint. Irritated nerves can cause spasm of the muscles to create pain around and behind the knee even when lying down.

Osteoarthritis leads many adults to resort to surgery as their only way to get pain relief. Unfortunately this has not shown to be a cure-all for knee pain. At Lynch Chiropractic and Chronic Pain Solutions we help many patients get pain relief without surgery.

How we help people with knee pain?

In order to treat your chronic knee pain, three factors must be determined:

  1. What is the underlying cause of your chronic knee pain?
  2. How severe is the damage?
  3. How much knee pain treatment will it take to help you recover?

The knee pain treatment in our clinic has three primary goals:

  1. Eliminate your knee pain and inflammation!
  2. Stimulate growth and repair of the meniscus and other soft tissues!
  3. Restore full function of the knee so it’s flexible and strong!

Relief begins with an examination (including x-rays) to determine the cause of your pain. After the examination, Dr. Lynch will give you his recommendations of care. Pain relief starts with a conversation. Please call (434) 245-8456 to schedule your knee pain evaluation today!

If you still want more information on the knee pain treatment Dr. Lynch offers, please watch this video and hopefully it will answer any questions you may have.

Carolyn RigsbyCarolyn Rigsby
18:07 08 Nov 22
Dr. Lynch is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. His gentle technique has helped me with my migraines and chronic pain issues more over the past few months than all of the other doctors that I've seen over the years put together! Dr. Lynch and his staff are wonderful!
Dotty BohannonDotty Bohannon
16:55 21 Oct 22
Dr. Lynch and his staff have been great to work with for several years. My vertebrae adjustments are gentle and have allowed me the freedom to continue the activities I love. In addition, he listens to his patients and has a holistic approach to one's health.
Kristy ToftKristy Toft
02:02 18 Oct 22
I cannot say enough about the help I’ve been provided by Dr. Lynch, Terry, and Lisa. I started my journey with them struggling with constant vertigo/vestibular problems, achiness, fatigue, brain fog, sensitivity to light and sound, inflammation, anxiety, back and hip pain…some of these struggles I’ve had for 20+ years. I thought I had to live that way, but sought Dr. Lynch with a small glimmer of hope. Dr. Lynch took the time to thoroughly go over my X-rays and explained the visible issues I had, some dating back 25+ years. From the very first adjustment, I felt immediate relief of symptoms I’d had for so long, I didn’t know how life was without them. I woke up the next day and couldn’t believe that nearly all of my symptoms were completely gone! Dr. Lynch pinpointed some health issues I didn’t know were causing problems and has worked consistently (along with Terry), using a detailed plan of action, to help relieve so many of my symptoms by getting to the root problems. He has even helped me sort out some diet issues that were causing inflammation, to get me to feeling my best! They are kind, listen, never rush me, and I am 100% positive that they actually care and WANT me to feel better (not keep me sick)! I will never view healthcare the same after the type of care and empowering knowledge I’ve received at Lynch Chiropractic. I tell everyone I can about them and highly recommend their practice to everyone who is seeking answers, a truly holistic approach, and the most excellent care.
Jeff NewtonJeff Newton
16:39 11 Jul 22
I was moving son into apartment during move hurt back to point could not walk. I went actually crawled into Dr Lynch's office. He worked me into his schedule that day. He developed a plan to get me walking again. Dr Lynch and staff truly professionals.. if your needing help with back leg pain or any chronic pain. Take my advice go see Dr Keith Lynch. You will not regret it. He will get you fixed up. I am very appreciative for all he did for me. Thank you.
Susan MuseSusan Muse
10:52 16 Jun 22
I have been seeing Dr. Lynch for several months for pain in my shoulder and arm. After an initial consultation, he has seen me routinely ever since then and his treatments have considerably eased my pain. I can move my arm and shoulder without discomfort because of his dedication and gentle care. In addition, he is a great teacher, offering advice on exercise and diet. His staff has taught me various ways to help other chronic conditions. They have much to offer anyone who is interested in moving toward a more holistic lifestyle. I highly recommend Dr. Lynch and his caring staff.

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