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Charlottesville Chiropractic Services You Can Trust

You deserve personal, quality healthcare that offers safe, effective, non-invasive solutions that doesn’t include drugs or surgery.  Dr. Keith Lynch and Lynch Chiropractic and Chronic Pain Solutions in Charlottesville, VA offer gentle chiropractic adjustments and a wide range of wellness services to improve and maintain your health.  Whether you are looking to stay healthy, need to eliminate your current health challenge or want to get out of pain, we are here for you.


Our Approach to Healthy Living and Chronic Care

  • It’s the combination of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic for upper cervical specific (neck) alignments and full-spine instrument adjusting that makes our structural corrections so gentle and effective.
  • When we add slipped disc and bulging disc corrections, fascia/muscle tension release, low level Erchonia cold laser technology (LLLT), and muscle response testing, Patient outcomes improve and healing times speed up.
  • During every treatment, Dr. Lynch shows you what’s wrong, corrects it, and then shows you what’s improved.
  • You can benefit from the many wellness services we offer including food testing, nutritional supplementation, detoxification procedures, stress reduction, EMF protection, weight loss and more!
  • Attention chronic pain sufferers.  We help you identify and eliminate the cause(s) of your pain so you can heal and get your life back.
  • All structural corrections are made within the body’s normal range of motion.  There is never any twisting, popping, or cracking.  

Charlottesville Chronic Care Services

Charlottesville chiropractor Dr. Lynch helps people with “tough cases” who need chronic care. If you’ve been to doctor after doctor, tried medications, surgery, therapy, diets and still have your pain, don’t give up.  Call us at (434) 939-0069 or email us at for your free consultation.  We may have your health solution. 

It’s your life.  Live it in health.  Call (434) 939-0069

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