Dr. Keith Lynch

Dr. Keith Lynch’s chiropractic clinic is dedicated to fostering optimal health and wellness. By using Atlas Orthogonal, a unique chiropractic technique, Dr. Lynch’s practice offers a path to health without the discomfort of traditional neck adjustments. Our clinic uniquely combines Atlas Orthogonal for precise upper neck alignment with comprehensive spine care through a full spine instrument adjusting technique, targeted fascia and muscle tension release, innovative Low Level Laser Therapy (Photobiomodulation), and precise muscle response testing. Our goal is to discover the root causes of bodily imbalances, address them effectively, and restore your body’s natural function for health and well-being.

Dr. Keith Lynch, a Rutgers University alumnus and a distinguished graduate of Life University’s Chiropractic Program, has been a cornerstone of Charlottesville’s health community since 1998. His expertise in Atlas Orthogonal was honed at Sherman College. He constantly learns how to enhance patient outcomes to help them eliminate their interferences to health such as spinal imbalances, neurological imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, stress, electromagnetic pollution, toxins, and allergies and sensitivities.

Beyond spinal adjustments, Dr. Lynch’s clinic in Charlottesville offers an expansive approach to health, through enhancing brain, gut, and spinal health. Since 2007, Dr. Lynch has been a pioneer in utilizing Low Level Laser Therapy (Photobiomodulation), leveraging Erchonia® lasers to decrease inflammation, and improve cellular function to speed healing for optimal patient outcomes.

Experience the transformation in health and wellness under Dr. Lynch’s care – who helps eliminate health interferences and restores bodily function leading to lasting pain relief and wellness.

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