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Headaches and migraines have similarities but they are not the same condition. As the name implies, headaches present with pain in the head, face and frequently into the back of the neck.

Headaches can be caused by muscular tension, stress, hunger and eyestrain. Dry air and seasonal allergies can cause sinus headaches. Chronic migraine treatment with medication can cause rebound headaches due to withdrawal symptoms as the medication wears off.

Migraines and headaches both usually have head, face and neck pains but migraines are a separate neurological condition. Migraines can also have visual changes like sensitivity to light, spots or flashing, blurry vision and/or temporary vision loss. There can be increased sensitivity to sound or smells, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and/or intense pain behind the eyes, temples or ears.

Migraines can have phases which show up before the head pain symptoms, such as an aura, which can happen hours to days in advance.

For a migraine treatment to be effective we must understand what is triggering the migraine. Hormonal changes, allergies and food sensitivities are frequent triggers.

The bones of the neck can misalign from repetitive stress, poor posture, birth trauma, injuries and trauma. Irritated nerves can cause muscles to overtighten in the head and neck. The vertebral artery, which travels inside the bones up through the spine, can get compressed creating a pounding sensation into the head.

In Charlottesville, Virginia we have a migraine headache treatment which is pain-free and drugless. Our migraine treatment includes instrument adjustments to re-align the bones of the neck. When the alignment of your neck is restored, muscles immediately begin to relax, pressure is taken off the vertebral artery and blood and oxygen circulation is increased to the brain. We also use cold laser to reduce inflammation, improve circulation and reduce pain.

Treatment of migraines using medication can lead to kidney and liver damage. Migraine relief comes from treating the cause of your migraines. Migraine treatment with medication may even be creating rebound headaches.

The migraine headache treatment we offer is gentle, effective, non-invasive and does not involve any twisting, popping or cracking.

Migraine relief is a reachable goal! Contact our office at (434) 939-0069 to get the migraine treatment that works.

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