Allergies and sensitivities can limit the body’s ability to heal. They can also prohibit the healing process entirely. Allergens can affect the body in such a way that it can limit our body’s ability to hold structural corrections. Allergies and sensitivities to food is extremely common. They are a driving force for poor health.


Food allergies are becoming more and more common in our country. Many people complain of weight gain, low energy levels, brain fog and a general feeling of sickness.Most people think of a food allergy as someone who eats something and then has a anaphalctic reaction. Which is an IgE response. For example, shellfish or peanuts.What most people don’t know is if they have a delayed response to a food. Many people are sensitive and autoimmune to certain food(s) and don’t even know it. Allergies like these can go undetected for years, if not a lifetime. These types of food allergies fuel many chronic illnesses.If you are curious about whether or not you have food allergies that are affecting your structural health, ask us about the various tools and techniques available to confirm if you have a food allergy.


ASERT is a tool that can help minimize the body’s allergic reaction to certain substances. This can be dust, pollen, dander, perfumes and many other substances. Often times we will have the patient bring in the substance that is in question so that we can test them to see if that substance is causing their symptoms. If so, we place the aggravating substance into the bio-field, and then reset the body’s reaction to the substance.

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