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I have been experiencing dizziness or “light-headedness” for many years. A friend said that Dr. Lynch had helped her so much so I decided I would try to get help one more time. I was on the verge of giving up. Feeling off balance and not quite in control was very scary and upsetting to the point where I would actually feel sick at times. I often turned down social events because of my unsteadiness and avoided going anywhere there were steps involved. I was very afraid of falling. I have tried drugs for years off and on, doctors, two other chiropractors, and therapy. After the first few weeks of treatment from Dr. Lynch, I was waiting for the dizziness to return. Then I finally realized that Dr. Lynch had preformed a miracle in my life. He is the best!!The staff is wonderful! The patients are always greeted with a smile and they care about their well-being. They show concern and compassion; and are very friendly and helpful. The staff truly enhanced the office atmosphere which is extremely pleasant. Dr. Lynch went beyond the call of duty. He is so knowledgeable and dedicated to his work. He is so friendly and truly cares about helping others. Dr. Lynch is so sympathetic and I believe God blessed him with special talents. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Lynch.

Anna (Charlottesville, VA)

I have Fibromyalgia. I was not able to hold an alignment, had allergies, had trouble focusing, loss of concentration, asthma, sinus trouble and did not have the ability to do the things I like to do without feeling discomfort or a lack of energy. I wasn’t able to enjoy the outdoors or enjoy camping, hiking, biking, yard work, etc. – what we as a family do a lot of.I didn’t have the ability to totally appreciate even the simplest things in life. I took allergy shots and medications for years and just learned to deal with the aches and pain throughout the day. I tried heat and ice when needed. I had lots of doctor appointments without any solutions. After starting care with Dr. Lynch I learned how to better be able to hold an alignment. I stopped having to take allergy shots, medications and inhalers. It has helped me better focus and concentrate. Now I can enjoy the outdoors doing everything. I am better aware of listening to my body and do what I need to be ok to keep it functioning at its best.

Rebecca C. (Ruckersville, VA)

Before seeing Dr. Lynch I had headaches, neck pain, low back pain and Fibromyalgia. Every day was a challenge for me and it was hard to do daily activities. I have seen doctors and was prescribed several different things for pain. I also used over the counter drugs.Within one week after starting with Dr. Lynch I had immediate relief from pain. I also felt that I was getting my life back. My family saw a visible difference in me. I was tested and found to be deficient in certain areas of my diet. After following the recommendations given I am feeling so much better on my spine that has been so tender for a very long time is all well, and to touch my stomach was so sore, now is not.

Delores H. (Culpeper, VA)

I started having headaches every day, some with arm and neck pain. The headaches had started around a year ago, the neck and arm pain, many years ago. I didn’t feel like doing a lot of things that I normally would do, like exercising. I felt like I was taking too many pain relievers to get through the day.After seeing Dr. Keith Lynch I feel better overall than I have in a long time. Everyone is very nice and knowledgeable.

Darlene M. (Barboursville, VA)

I have been having severe headaches for about six weeks. Having a severe headache affected me in many ways – the pain was unbearable for me and I couldn’t do things I needed to do at home. I was unable to do my daily tasks. I say my primary care doctor who prescribed two different types of pain medicine. I don’t seem to function very well when I take pain medicine and didn’t want this for long-term relief. After beginning treatment with Dr. Lynch I actually started feeling better after the first session. I was able to stop all pain medicine after the first week.My overall experience at Chronic Pain Solutions Center has been very positive. I would recommend Dr. Lynch. He will do his best to help relieve your aches and pains. Dr. Lynch is a very kind and compassionate doctor who provides the best possible care. I know he really helped me with my headaches and neck and shoulder pain. In my opinion, Dr. Lynch and his staff, project such a positive approach to their patients – every visit is an enjoyable experience.

Joyce (Charlottesville, VA)

Once I heard about Dr. Lynch, I decided to try going myself before my family. I had much doubt because I have had multiple doctors involved with curing my headaches. I have had temporary eye loss, numbness in my arms and legs along with the constant pain of the headache. I have tried anti-depressants, all pain relievers, cat scans, MRIs, etc….with NO answers or cures.It is now June and I am finishing up my plan with Dr. Keith Lynch since December. My headaches are gone, my eye loss has be restored, I have actually lost more than 10 pounds from the nutritional supplements he has given and the “painless” treatments he has administered, which has allowed me to feel 100% better and given me back my strength and energy. Along with feeling much better, Dr. Lynch has done more for me than just curing my headaches, I have also learned how to handle my stress better!

Georgina S. (Ruckersville, VA)

I came to Dr. Lynch because no one else could get my atlas adjusted. The condition has existed 15 years.Dr. Lynch knows how the body works and has the technology to aid the body in healing itself. Always has a smile and check you over thoroughly each and every visit.

Alice W. (Cumberland County, VA)

The reason I came to Dr. Lynch was to correct a pronounced limp. I first notice pain in my hip 8 years ago. Two years ago I had lower back pain after chemotherapy and began to limp. I immediately started feeling better after my first visit. The pain and limp are almost completely gone. I feel more relaxed and happy. The staff at Chronic Pain Solutions Center are professional, polite, kind and considerate. Whatever your problem is – go there for an assessment. If they can’t help they will refer you to an appropriate treatment.

Bonnie (Madison, VA)
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