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We know the importance of putting the right grade of fuel into an automobile so that it runs and functions properly. What happens when we place diesel fuel into an engine that takes unleaded fuel? The engine seizes and stops working.

Our bodies cannot continue to run at peak performance if we eat the standard American diet filled with sugar, processed foods, fried food, hydrogenated oils, soda and salt.

We must realize the importance our food and drink choices have on our health.Most of us know that studies consistently show that fruit and vegetable consumption reduces the risk of many degenerative diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

You can rebuild your body and immune system with natural, whole foods like meat, fish and produce.


Basic things all of us should remember when choosing good food:

  • Drink 8 – 10 glasses of filtered water.
  • Eat organic when you can.
  • Avoid inflammatory foods like wheat, corn and other grains.
  • Choose the good fats and oils for cooking and flavoring and avoid the “bad” fats. Fat is not bad for you. It is the quality of fat that determines whether or not it is good for you.
  • Eat fresh chicken and fish and keep the frequency you eat red meat to a minimum.
  • Eat 5 – 8 servings of fresh vegetables daily.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Avoid trans fats and hydrogenated oils.
  • We can help you recreate new eating habits that will help you maintain and regain your health.

Ask us your questions on how to eat to be well.


Proper supplementation can help provide the nutrients necessary for your body to rebuild your organs, glands and body systems.

The need to supplement your diet is real. It is hard to give your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs just by eating good food. Much of the food we eat is grown in depleted soil. Crops are raised in the same fields year after year with artificial fertilizers being used to increase yield but not nutritional content.

Supplementation changes all the time. Changes in our stress levels, age, environmental factors, diets and activities affect how we need to supplement our diets. We can help you determine what supplements would be best for you and when your supplementation needs change.

Bad fuel will break an engine down. We can help you eliminate the guesswork out of which vitamin and mineral supplements you should be taking.

What to Avoid:  EXCIPIENTS

Excipients are binders, fillers, flowing agents and “glues” that are often NON-nutritive substances used in nutritional products. Many of these substances are HIGHLY questionable. Plus, excipients can increase your toxic load. We offer high quality, pharmaceutical grade products for you to supplement your diet that are excipient free.


How to eat for health isn’t just about buying fresh, organic foods and avoiding sugar, bad fats and processed food. Some food that is considered healthy for one person may be completely unhealthy and wreaking havoc on another’s body autoimmune system. You may have unidentified food allergies or sensitivities. These allergies and sensitivities may be a major factor to why you can’t heal and you are sick.

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