EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) Protection

Another new environmental health threat appears to be looming on the horizon. It is the threat of chronic low-level electromagnetic radiation from power lines, electric blankets, household appliances, computers, televisions, cell phones and fluorescent lights, etc.

Have you ever wondered why the old manual typewriters didn’t cause carpal tunnel and the new easy-to-push electric computer keyboards are causing so many problems?

Electromagnetic pollution is getting more and more widely recognized.

Our bodies and brains operate on frequencies, just like electromagnetic devices. When we are around these devices our energy field weakens or becomes irritated allowing our structural integrity to become compromised and a large variety of symptoms to surface.

Electromagnetic pollution could be one of the barriers to you being healthy.

At Lynch Chiropractic and Chronic Pain Solutions, we can check to see if EMFs are a contributing factor to why you feel the way you do. We offer you tools to help protect yourself from damaging effects of electromagnetic pollution.

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