Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The carpal tunnel is a narrow space in the wrist. It contains wrist bones (called carpals) and a ligament (the transverse carpal ligament) that crosses the wrist where the palm and forearm meet. Tendons and the median nerve pass through this space to your hand. The median nerve supplies feeling and some movement to part of the hand.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is usually caused when an illness, injury or other problem makes the carpal tunnel space too small. This puts pressure on the Median Nerve and causes pain, tingling, and other symptoms.

What few people seem to understand is that the median nerve originates in the cervical spine (your neck). Nerves exiting your spine come together to become your median nerve. They travel under your collarbone, down the center of your forearm and finally through the carpal tunnel to the hand muscles.

Wrist pain, tingling, numbness, and weakness are symptoms of a NERVE entrapment or nerve being “crushed.” In other words, the nerves that travel from your brain to your fingers must be “pinched” or compressed somewhere along that pathway. The amazing thing about your nervous system is that interference in one place can give you symptoms in other places…often far away from the interference.

Misaligned bones in the neck, bulging discs, tight neck muscles, shoulder or elbow injuries, inflamed tendons, and misaligned wrist bones can ALL compress the Median Nerve, causing pain in the wrist, or numbness in the fingers, or tingling or other abnormal hand sensation, or weakness of hands OR A COMBINATION OF THESE SYMPTOMS.

When eliminating wrist and hand pain, you must look “upstream” from the wrist. You must examine your neck, as well as all possible “crush sites” from your neck to your wrist. If you don’t, you may have carpal tunnel surgery or treatment and still have the problem.

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